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Waxing and Permanent Hair Removal on Staten Island

Hair Removal Staten Island

There are many options for removing hair from the body. Two of the most popular options are permanent hair removal and waxing. Both are viable options for getting rid of unwanted body hair, but both come at different costs (not just finical).

One important thing to consider between the two types of hair removal is which will hurt more. It is reasonable to factor in pain when considering removing hair from the body. Laser hair removal is known not to hurt as much as waxing, and it is also quicker. Those that go for permanent hair removal on Staten Island have claimed the procedure, at worst, feels like tiny pinpricks (the area being targeting mainly affects the number of side effects). Waxing hurts for all people, even those who have been getting it done for a while. Call us today, for the best hair removal Staten island has.

Permanent hair removal is more costly than waxing by a lot. Brazilian laser hair removal could cost up to $2,000, whereas a top-quality Brazilian wax only costs roughly $80. The price discrepancy between the two should make a person more inclined to save money with waxing, but people need to think long-term. How many Brazilian waxes on Staten Island do you need to get before you spend $2,000? How many years would it take?

Hair Removal Staten Island

Permanent hair removal on Staten Island works differently for people with different complexions and hair types. Come into our office to find out if you’re a  strong candidate for laser hair removal.


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