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Different Types of Wax for Waxing

Waxing is a procedure that has to be finely tuned for each client.  People are born with different sensitivities, density or hair, and overall skin allergies. As a result, there are many alternative styles of wax that are available.

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The two main types of hair removal wax are soft wax and hard wax:

Soft wax:  Also identified as strip wax, soft wax requires a piece of waxing paper to remove excess hair. Soft wax is applied thinly, in the direction that the hair is growing.  The strip is then applied to the wax and then removed in the opposite direction.  The waxing technician should always pull the soft wax off quickly, in on swift gesture. Soft wax comes in different forms that are cold, heated, or pre-made.

Hard Wax:

Hard wax is commonly referred to as strip-less wax because it does not need to combine with a strip to remove hair.  This wax is typically warmed at a cooler rate than soft wax and is applied much thicker. As this variation of wax hardens, it shrink-wraps the hair and becomes a strip itself.

Waxing Staten Island

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