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Should I get Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal?

Some people use the words electrolysis and laser hair removal interchangeably, but the two processes are very much different. Hair removal Staten IslandThe different processes lead to different results. Simply put, electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that is permanent (meaning that the hair is gone for good!). Using lasers to remove hair is only temporary. On average, laser hair removal lasts for two years. Another big problem with laser hair removal is that there is no guarantee it will work. Different body and hair types react differently to laser treatments, and so only 90% removal can be achieved. Some people only have a 45% reduction in hair.

The process of electrolysis sounds painful, but it is not. A metal probe (like a needle) is placed under the skin. While under, electricity is sent to hair follicles, which destroys them. Electricity makes it impossible for new hairs to grow. The biggest downside to this procedure is the length of time needed for treatments to be successful. For the first few weeks you will have to sit for 15 minute treatments once a week. Eventually, that will move to monthly sessions. Full treatments can take up to 18 months. It is rare to be finished with treatments before 9 months.

For laser treatment, pulsating lasers are applied to desired areas. The laser is supposed to destroy the hair follicle, but the process does not make the destruction permanent. Sessions are 30 minutes long, but you do not need to go back for nine consecutive months.

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Both treatment have their pros and cons, and so really the better process depends on the individual. If you decided on electrolysis Staten island, you will not regret your decision.

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