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Common Questions About Body Waxing

For many, the thought of waxing is scary and confusing. Many people who have never gone for a waxing procedure before will have many questions before they decided to take the plunge. Below we will go over common questions clients have before undergoing waxing Staten Island.

Waxing Staten Island

Will it hurt? We wish we could promise you that your wax will be pain-free. For some, waxing is relatively painless, while others will need to take pain relievers beforehand. Your tolerance for pain will determine how much it will hurt during and after the procedure.

Can I get a wax even if I am on medication? If you are taking any medication prescribed by a doctor, please speak with them before undergoing any procedure. Many prescribed creams cannot be used at least a week before and after waxing. Always talk to a healthcare professional if you are unsure.

Can I get a wax even if I have a sunburn? Unfortunately, our estheticians will not perform any procedure on sunburned skin. Please allow time for your skin to heal before scheduling an appointment with our office.

How long will it last? The average length of time for waxing to last is three to four weeks. However, everyone’s regrowth rate is different. Results will vary between clients. There are products one can use and actions to take to have your wax last longer. Talk with your esthetician for advice on how to make your waxing last as long as possible.

Waxing Staten Island

Here at Individual Expressions, we want to answer any questions you may have regarding waxing Staten Island. We specialize in Brazilian waxing Staten Island. Let us be your first call!


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