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Reiki Staten Island

We are thrilled to offer Reiki Staten Island. Is an ancient system of energy healing. It involves direct application of energy (Chi, Prana, Ki) to strengthen the clients energy system (aura). The therapist places their hand over specific areas of the body to channel energy into the areas of physical distress. The energy draws through the healer exactly the amount of it which the recipient needs.

there is not and space to limit the Reiki flow, so it can be done at distance, past and future. Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. reiki in staten islandIncreases relaxation, emotional and physical healing. Positively influence your life and health.


60 minutes .......... $75.00

Ear Candling

It is simple, natural ear-cleaning technique using a hallow cone, which has one end burning, and the other end set at the opening of the ear canal. Smoke travels into the ear and loosens the ear wax. Ear mites and the build up yeast making the rounds inside the complexness of the inner ear, it comes back up the cone bringing with it wax and debris.

Beneficial for:

One Session ........... $30.00

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