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Pain and Electrolysis

Are you dealing with unwanted facial and body hair? If so, you may consider electrolysis. Electrolysis is one of the most permanent methods around to remove unwanted hair. Hair Removal Staten IslandOne of the main deterrents people have when it comes to electrolysis is the fear of pain. Potential clients are worried that the procedure could be painful.

Luckily, modern technology has made it so that electrolysis results in little to no pain for patients. Feeling a bit of discomfort is normal. When you begin the treatment and are not used to it, it will be uncomfortable for some. However, the discomfort should dissipate as time goes on. Previous patients have described the discomfort more as a shock than pain. 
When the procedure begins, you will usually feel a quick burning feeling. The burning feeling does not last for long; for most, it will only be a few seconds. The burning feeling will usually lead to a tingling feeling.

In general, the amount of pain experienced will depend on the individual and their body. Some people can feel extreme pain while others will feel nothing. If you are someone who has ingrown hairs, the treatment may be more painful. Ingrown hairs will be harder to remove.

If you are worried about pain, there are ways to reduce the pain. While the treatment is happening, the expert will rub the area with a numbing cream. The numbing creams should eliminate the pain. Additionally, if you are experiencing pain or discomfort after the treatment, you can apply creams to the area that will reduce feeling.

Many people suggest listening to music while undergoing treatment. Doing this will help to distract from what is happening. Do not drink caffeine before your procedure is scheduled. If you are experiencing lots of discomforts, you can always ask for a decrease in intensity. 

Hair Removal Staten Island

If you are looking into hair removal Staten Island, electrolysis is a great option. Do not let the fear of pain stop you from getting electrolysis Staten Island. If the procedure is performed by a professional, it should result in little to no pain.


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