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Wax or Electrolysis?

There are many alternatives available for people who want to remove unwanted hair. Not all the possibilities are the same, and not all options produce the same results. hair removal staten islandUsing hair-removal creams and razors blades are among the worst options for getting rid of hair. In many cases, creams do little to nothing, and shaving does not eliminate the root of a hair (this means hairs will grow back quicker). Amongst the best options, there is waxing and electrolysis. Both have pros and cons, and so one option is not necessarily better than another. They are different and different people require different solutions.

For those who want to eradicate hair follicles in a particular area permanently, your only real answer is electrolysis. No other hair removal method is proven to work as well regarding removing hair for good. An obstacle to this treatment is that it is permanent, and so a patient never has the option of changing their mind. The process does not work for everyone as well. To be an excellent candidate for the service, you must have lighter skin and darker hair. Results vary with this procedure.

Waxing lasts for roughly a month, but some people require it every two to three weeks. Another problem with waxing is that it usually does not get all hairs, so often people end up using tweezers as well. Waxing works great when trying to shape hair, such as eyebrows or bikini lines. Waxing also shows immediate results, whereas electrolysis takes time and visits to the electrolysis facility.

Waxing Staten Island

You know your body, and you understand your wants. Both options are great options for removing body hair. You can easily find electrolysis Staten Island and Hair removal Staten Island.


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