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Tips for Smooth and Clear Skin

People go for body waxing because they want their skin to look smooth and clear. Bikini waxing is a standard treatment for ladies to look and feel their best when wearing bathing suits. How would it look if that area was red and bumpy? The results of removing hair can sometimes be as bad as leaving the hair. This article is designed to help individuals get the most out of their waxing. If you treat your skin properly after treatments, you are more inclined to see skin that you are happy with.

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1. Treating skin with Neosporin antibiotic creams after waxing can help to protect the area. If you are allergic to Neosporin, you can use Aloe Vera or creams for skin bumps.

2. Try to let the area breath after treatments (especially when sleeping overnight). If you are getting a bikini wax or Brazilian wax, avoid tight pants and underwear.

3. Lightly exfoliate your skin a few days after hair removal. Use a gentle exfoliant every other day after that to remove dead skin buildup, which clod pours.

4. Keep your skin soft and moist with moisturizers daily. The powder is fine a few days after treatment because powder can clog pores.

5. Take a cold shower or use cold compresses soon after the procedure.

6. Avoid submerging skin in water (pools, ocean, baths) because infections can grow in the water.

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