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Top Reasons to Get a Bikini Wax

Brazilian Waxing Staten Island

We live in an era that values self-care and treating ourselves. For us ladies, a bikini wax can be a great way of doing both. Whether you’re trying it for the first time or have been waxing for years, there are clear and obvious benefits to taking care of the hair “down there.”

We do waxing and electrolysis on Staten Island.

  • Two benefits in one application: You get hair removal and skin exfoliation at once! As the unwanted hair is removed, so too are loose, dry skin cells. Clean and clear skin is healthy skin!
  • It’s wonderful to touch: Newly waxed skin is very smooth on your body. This makes for a wonderful sensation when wearing clothing…or not.
  • Longer lasting, and more pleasant results: Compared with shaving, waxing leaves your bikini area smooth and hairless for weeks instead of days, AND without the red bumps and itching. For the best Brazilian Waxing Staten Island offers, you should make us your first call.
  • It gets easier to maintain: When the new hair growth DOES happen, because it was pulled from the follicle and not shaved at the skin, it will come in thinner and softer.

Brazilian Waxing Staten Island

It’s also very cost effective, even when you compare it with lesser options like shaving. Make your appointment and let us treat you.

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