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Comparing Bikini Waxing Options

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Getting a bikini wax is a great way to treat yourself, and we’re full-on into waxing season. Nothing beats the feeling of a smooth, hairless bikini area and the confidence that comes with it.

We do Brazlian waxing and electrolysis on Staten Island.

But people use “wax”, “bikini wax”, and “brazillian wax” kinda interchangeably, so it can get confusing as to what each of these mean. For the best Brazllian Waxing Staten Island has, give us a call today!

  • Bikini line wax: Imagine you’re wearing your bikini bottom. This wax would be applied along the sides and across the top, where the bikini meets your skin. The result is a hair-free area outside of your bathing suit or panties, and any hair left is hidden underneath.
  • Bikini full wax: Imagine you’re not wearing your bikini bottom. This next-level waxing is open to your preference. From the front, take off as much hair as you like! You can leave a neat line or triangle, or remove it all.
  • Bikini Brazilian full wax: This complete waxing adds onto the the Bikini full wax. We’ll remove as much or as little hair from the front of your bikini area, and add a strip that goes, well, up the back. This will completely remove any hair, front or back, leaving the area smooth and completely nude.

Whichever fits your style, call today to book your appointment and start treating yourself!

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