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Eyebrow Tinting and Hair Removal on Staten Island

Hair Removal Staten Island

Anyone who plucks or shapes their eyebrows, both men and women, have had at least one disaster eyebrow scenario. Sometimes we tweeze too much or have a heavy hand with a razor and then must spend several weeks embarrassed as hair slowly grows back. When a situation like this happens, there are several things a person should consider doing. Going through these several steps will ensure that the problem will not happen again.

The first and most significant thing to do, which is also people’s least favorite thing to do, is let eyebrows grow back completely before doing more grooming or shaping. Leave your brows be and let them grow back as much as possible.

To fill in sparse areas, use fine pencils or powders. To fill in bald spots a person needs precision tools that can also give a natural look. During cold, dry months, a waxy pencil is best.

Let a professional shape your brows when it is time to groom. It is difficult to achieve precise results removing hair alone so our expert team can make sure your hair looks exact and measured. For the best hair removal Staten Island has, you should make us your first call.

When grooming yourself, take a step back from the mirror. We tend to get close to a mirror to see all the little hairs but being that close can make it easy to misshape hair, especially when doing eyebrows.

Hair Removal Staten Island

Another option for perfect hair is permanent hair removal on Staten Island. We will shape your body hair how you want, and you will not need to worry about the hair growing back.


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