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Different Types of Bikini Waxes

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If you have unwanted hair in the bikini area, there are several ways to remove it. Shaving and at-home waxing are options. One quick and easy way to remove unwanted hair from your bikini area is with the help of a professional waxer. We deliver the best waxing Staten Island offers and can provide several types of bikini waxes.

  1. Full Brazilian – When it comes to waxing down there, a Brazilian is often what people think of. This type of wax removes all the hair from the front.
  2. Classic Bikini – The classic bikini will only remove hair visible from a bathing suit. Many professionals suggest this option for hesitant first-timers.
  3. Brazilian South – This is an excellent option for those who want to be one and done. If you want to finish all your hair removal needs in one shot, we suggest a Brazilian south. This type of bikini wax is a full Brazilian with leg hair removal added.
  4. French – This type of wax is also referred to as a landing strip. A French wax is similar to a classic bikini wax, but it goes a bit further into where the swimsuit would cover.
  5. Deep Bikini – A deep bikini wax will remove all hair on top and most of the hair on the sides of the labia but not keep you completely bare.
  6. Brazilian Total Body – I think the name gives away what this type of wax entails. A Brazilian total body is for those who want to remove all unwanted hair from the bikini area and the rest of their body, such as arms and legs.

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