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What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

The best way to stop ingrown hairs is to understand what causes them. With this knowledge, you can contribute to meaningful measures to reduce the pain and unhighlight red dots. Whether waxing or shaving, ingrown hairs are always a potential issue regardless of how hair is removed. Some individuals suffer worse than others because of their hair type and how it grows. This problem occurs anywhere hair is removed, although it is most common in the pubic region. These hairs cause soreness, pain, and itchiness, they are unpleasant to look at, and this all happens because hair grows back but curls under the skin. Even with the best waxing Staten Island offers, a person is bound to get ingrown hairs now and again.

After a hair is removed, it has the potential to curl back under the skin, which causes it to grow underneath the surface. The clearest marking of an ingrown hair is a red, pimple-like bump. When you see these bumps, it is common to think that trying to pop them is the best path forward. Popping the bump should break the skin and expose the ingrown hair, no? Although that is what can happen, the common side effect is scarring. It is advisable NOT to pop, play with, or dig for ingrown hairs. The risk is permanent damage to the skin, and ingrown hair is only temporary.

How do you treat ingrown hairs?

  1. Try to avoid means of removing hair that is more likely to cause ingrown hair. Waxing on Staten Island removes hairs at the root, which causes them to regrow straight. A razor blade cuts the hair and often curls uncut parts of the hair in the process.
  2. Soak areas in warm water or a warm towel several times a day for several minutes.
  3. Lightly exfoliate affected areas to remove dead skin and expose the ingrown hair.
  4. If one hair is exposed, carefully attempt to pull it out with a sterile and clean tweezer.
  5. A non-greasy moisturizer helps heal skin and remove dead cells, which can further help expose ingrown hairs.
  6. Repair serums used after waxing on Staten Island help to soothe skin and prevent ingrown hairs.
  7. If possible, take a warm shower before coming for appointments, as it can open hair follicles to make waxing more effective.

For more information on the best waxing Staten Island has to offer, you should not hesitate to give us a call and make your first appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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