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What Length Should Hair Be For Waxing?

If you're dealing with unwanted hair, consider waxing. Most people who try waxing once, never look back. It's much less time consuming than shaving. You'll also save money on having to purchase new razors and creams for shaving continually. If you've thought about waxing on Staten Island, give us a call today. Whether it's hair from your bikini area to your lip, we've got you covered. We provide the best hair removal Staten Island has to offer.

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Once you decide to wax, you may find you have a ton of questions, like how long should my hair be before waxing? The length of your hair is crucial as it determines the waxing experience. If the hair is too long or short, the esthetician may turn you away. For the best waxing Staten Island to work, your hair must be just right.

The general rule for waxing length is ¼ inch. This rule goes for all areas of the body, including the pubic area.

What happens when the hair is too long?

If your hair is longer than ¼ inch, it makes it incredibly difficult for the esthetician to remove. The hair is more likely to break, which makes it harder to grip.

What happens when the hair is too short?

Short hair makes it harder for the esthetician to get a good grip, which causes a more prolonged and more painful session. At times, you may be turned away and told to return when the hair has grown more.

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While it's tempting to trim your hair before a wax session, don't. Make sure your hair is the appropriate length to get the best results. Hair that is too long or too short does not allow for a good grip, so the hair may not be adequately pulled out.



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