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The Cons of Waxing at Home

Hair Removal Staten IslandRegarding hair removal, there are many options to consider. Waxing is one of the most popular options because it creates smooth results. Many individuals looking to rid themselves of unwanted hair choose to wax at home. However, this is not recommended if you're looking for the best results. For the best hair removal Staten Island offers, give us a call.

While it's a cheaper option to wax at home, that's where the pros end. The disadvantages of DIY wax attempts outweigh the few dollars saved. When visiting a salon, you can ensure that you receive services from a trained and certified professional. Our estheticians use the highest quality products for the best results.

Handling wax can be dangerous. It is hot and can lead to injuries when not handled correctly. It can be challenging to determine the right temperature to ensure no damage occurs. Hot wax can lead to burns which are painful and may lead to scarring. If you do not know the proper technique to apply wax, you can accidentally remove the top layer of skin cells. This is a serious issue that can lead to infection.

Waxing at home takes significantly longer than a session at a salon. Waxing yourself is not easy; some areas are more difficult than others. You'll notice it's challenging to reach certain spots. Additionally, waxing strips may not catch every hair, so you'll have to spend extra time tweezing loose strands.

While waxing at home may seem like the cheaper option, it can be challenging. For the best professional hair removal Staten Island offers, call us.

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