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Hair Removal Products to Avoid

Not everyone has the time and money to get electrolysis Staten Island, Permanent Hair Removal Staten Islandand so most people are stuck in an endless cycle of removing unwanted hair. When surfing the web and watching TV, it is common to come across ads promising to help you remove hair easily and safely. Some products even claim that they can reduce hair growth all together. In a perfect world these products would do exactly as advertised, but unfortunately in most cases the claims made are not met. Below, we will be going over a few hair removal products that fail to meet the claims they make. When it comes to hair removal, your only real options are waxing, lasers, electrolysis, and threading.

Hair removal Staten IslandSpray-on and Shower-off Hair Removal, by Sally Hansen, has gotten poor reviews and ratings. Some claim it does not work, but some claim that it burns their skin and makes them smell for days at a time.

Nair body hair remover also scored low with customers. Yes, in theory the lotion is great, but most people claim it barely removes hair and also has a long lasting and pungent smell.

Smooth Away is supposed to remove hair, but it is one of the lowest rated products on the market. Some claim that the product does nothing. Those who see results can spend up to twenty minutes per leg and even then results are minimal. Some claim that their legs feel a burning sensation and others see rashes.

Hair Removal Staten Island

Some products on the market work better than others, but there is no quick, cheap, and easy way to remove hair. If you want your skin to feel smooth, your best bet for hair removal Staten Island is waxing, electrolysis, laser removal, or threading.

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