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Health Regulation for Hair Removal

The New York State DOS (department of state) has set up safety guidelines for waxing facilities. When it comes to waxing, Waxing Staten Islandin the eyes of the state, the most important thing is keeping everything sanitary and clean, and the comfort one feels in a waxing facility comes in second. Most people who wax do not take into consideration the health risks that are associated with the procedure, so it is important for people to have a full understanding. If waxing is done in a clean environment, with clean tools, and preformed by someone who knows what they are doing then waxing can be a great experience. Not all waxing places take health into consideration, and these are the places you need to be weary of. The depictions of perfect bikini lines on TV and in other forms of media has the capacity to allow people to think there is no negative effect to the process, when that really isn't the case. Waxing facilities that don't consider health the number one issue will always run the risk of hurting their clients.

Your health and safety should be a big concern of yours when you walk into a place for Brazilian waxing in Staten Island. There are a few things that you should look for right away when you enter through the door. First, is the place's license clearly visible? In NYS each hair removal place must get a special license, and they are only given if they meet certain requirement. This is how the state knows only proper waxing is happening. If you cannot find the license and they cannot show it to you then you should contact the NYS DOS, which has an online database of license issued. You must also make sure that the license is for the procedure that you will be getting. NYS hands out different licenses for hair/chemical, nail, waxing/hair removal, and also face and body treatment. It is important to know this because in New York State is illegal for a nail specialist to perform waxing services. Look to see if the business is licensed and also check the licenses of the individual working on you.

There are many other safety guidelines that each worker and business must follow, and if they don't then your health is put at risk. Brazilian waxing in Staten Island is not exempt from these rules. Please, make sure you feel comfortable when getting waxed. Comfort should come from knowing that you are in the hands of a trained professional who is putting your health and safety first and foremost.


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