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How Brazilian Waxing Got its Name

Most people today know what a Brazilian wax is. Its popularity has grown in recent years, but how many know the origins of this particular waxing? How did it come to be popular? 

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The practice of removing hair from the pubic area is centuries old. In hotter climates, such as Rome, Egypt, and Turkey, removal of excess hair was done for hygienic purposes. In many middle eastern countries, it is still considered proper hygiene to remove excess hair. It wasn’t until the 70s and 80s when removing hair in the pubic region became a fashion statement. We specialize in Brazilian waxing Staten Island. 


As Brazilian bikini styles became smaller and more skin was showing, women began to remove the hair showing through their bathing suits. Waxing ensures a smooth surface and that no unwanted hair peeks through. A Brazilian wax removes hair from the sides, down the middle, and the back, leaving just a thin strip on the front. 


The Brazilian wax became an international craze when seven sisters from Brazil brought the style of waxing to Manhattan. They opened a salon, which garnered attention from celebrities and other high-end clients.


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No matter the reason you decide to get a Brazillian, Individual Expression wants to help make your dream of removing unwanted hair a reality. If you want a more permanent form of hair removal, we offer electrolysis Staten Island treatments as well. 

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