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Myths, Beliefs, and Falsehoods About Hair Removal

There are different methods for reducing unwanted body hair; however, not all treatment methods are the same. Hair Removal Staten IslandWhen it comes to removing hair, there are many different beliefs, myths, and falsehoods regarding hair removal and how the hair will grow back. This blog entry tries to clarify some of the common myths associated with hair removal.

  1. Will I get more ingrown hairs with curly hair? Reports suggest that all hair and skin types are susceptible to ingrown hairs. Curly haired people can safely get waxed without fear of red bumps and ingrown hairs.
  2. Does waxing stretch my skin and leave wrinkles? The only way that skin can wrinkle from waxing is if someone is doing it every day for prolonged periods of time (more than once year). A trained esthetician holds the skin tight during hair removal to reduce the amount of skin movement.
  3. Is waxing always going to hurt? Waxing hair requires the pulling of hairs from their follicles, and so there will still be some pain. Some claim pain lessens with time, but that is more likely clients just getting used to the feeling of having hair pulled out. Taking pain medication before treatments reduces pain.
  4. Does waxing remove hair permanently? The agreed upon answer is no, although there are cases of people who have less and lighter hair because of extended years of waxing the same areas. No guarantees can be made because the outcome depends on the individual.

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