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Tips for Getting the Best Brazilian Waxing

The only reason to go for Brazilian waxing is to get perfectly smooth and luscious skin. When comparing all hair removal techniques, waxing ranks amongst the best. When hair follicles are pulled from the root, you stay softer for longer. Your skin will be red after waxing, but you will not get razor burn and rashes associated with hair removal creams and razors.

Waxing Staten Island

Even though waxing is excellent for removing hair, there are certain things that you can do both before and after to get the most from your waxing session. Following these tips and tricks ensures you will get the best waxing Staten Island has to offer.

  1. Go to places that specialize in waxing and hair removal. There are nail and hair salons that wax, but that is not their talent. When you go to waxing specialists, you will get the best wax, best practice, and most experienced esthetician.
  2. Grow your hair for 3-4 weeks after your last shave. For waxing to work, hair must be long enough for the wax to grab it. If you shave before a waxing, not much of your hair will be removed. Your hair should be at least ¼ inch long, which is roughly the size of a grain of rice.
  3. Make sure to exfoliate for a few days before your visit (especially the day before). Using creams and soaps to remove dead skin release trapped hair that would not be grabbed during a waxing session. Your skin will be much smoother after waxing.
  4. Between 30 and 60 minutes before your appointment, take a mild pain pill like Ibuprofen. Taking this pill will ease discomfort without impacting judgment or motor skills. You can get right back to daily life after your appointment.

Waxing Staten Island

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