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Be Smart About Waxing Your Body: Important Tips for Safe and Effective Body Waxing

When it comes to using wax to remove hair from the body, there are certain things all people should know. Being aware of some of the most basic facts about waxing allows individuals to make smart decisions about how hair is removed from the body.waxing staten island

  • The most important thing to be aware of is how wax is applied to the body. Under no circumstance should an esthetician ever double-dip the same stick into the hot wax. If you notice this, it is the clearest indication that the place you are at is not hygienic. Double-dipping can come with many health risks.
  • People tend to wax hair they don’t want on their body. As hair grows, it can be unsightly for a person, which might cause a person to shave between waxing visits. You may not want to, but keeping your hair longer will make waxing more successful.
  • Working out directly after waxing is not advisable because it can cause irritation and inflammation of the skin. Giving the skin time to rest after being waxed will ensure your skin heals and that it stays soft and smooth.
  • Exfoliating the skin before a waxing session will remove dead skin and will expose pesky ingrown hairs. The little things we do before waxing can make a difference. Sugar scrubs are great for gently exfoliating the skin.
  • Estheticians use two different types of wax: hard and soft. Hard wax is applied while hot and is left to cool on the skin before being removed. This type of waxing is best for sensitive or tiny areas. Soft wax does not harden, and so it is best used for large sections of the body (legs/arms).

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