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Don't be Scared of Waxing

The main reason individuals avoid waxing, and especially Brazilian waxing, is the perceived notion of pain. Most people can think of a TV show or movie that depicts someone going through a rough and painful waxing session, but it is important to remember that those scenes are not real life. In actuality, waxing is not nearly as bad as the rumors make it out to be. This doesn't mean it is pain-free and that it feels good. It would be more accurate to say that at most waxing will be a minor pain that quickly passes. In most cases, people claim it is uncomfortable.

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When you go for your first waxing, you will not:

  • Scream at the top of your lungs
  • Start crying in pain
  • Start bleeding profusely 

If fear of pain is holding you back, speak with professionals in the field. They will be able to calm your mind, by assuring you that your skin will not get ripped off during the waxing.

Professional hair removal Staten Island can even give you different options for hair removal if waxing simply doesn't work for you. If you do have a low pain threshold, you may want to consider electrolysis Staten Island.

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