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Commonly Asked Questions about Hair Removal: Brazilain Waxing

For those that have never gone for Brazilian waxing, it can seem like a scary and confusing procedure. The more one learns about the procedure, the more likely they are to go for it. There are many questions we get frequently asked by those who know little to nothing about this type of waxing. We want to take time to address these questions, and we hope that the answers will encourage you to consider our hair removal services on Staten Island.

Hair removal Staten Island

What is Brazilian waxing?
This type of waxing takes away all the hair from the bikini line—tops and sides. All hair is pulled from the labia area through the top to the bottom. We also offer variants of Brazilian waxing, such as leaving a thin strip on the pubic region (this is referred to as a Playboy wax or a Heathrow express wax). If you want to leave more, we can work with you to give you exactly what you need.

Does Brazilian waxing hurt?
Ripping out hairs from their roots is not exactly a comfortable experience, but it is nothing like the scene in the 40-year old virgin, where Steve Carell screams in pain and walks out halfway through waxing. When working with trained estheticians, pain is minimized, and most people claim the process is only minorly painful. A Brazilian wax can be worse when people are tired or feeling sick. To help deal with the pain, you can take over the counter pain medication before coming to our place.

Can I use numbing creams?
We recommend against you doing that because these creams can negatively affect the application of the wax. In some cases, the cream can cause an adverse allergic reaction.

Hair Removal Staten Island

If you have other questions about waxing that were not answered here, you can call us to find out more information. We offer the best hair removal Staten Island provides. We also do eyebrow tinting as well.

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