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Tips for Preparing for Summer in Staten Island

As summer draws nearer, Staten Island women are looking for ways to look their best before hitting the beach. Whether you are headed to the Hamptons, or hitting a Caribbean cruise, it never hurts to get a little help to get you in tip top shape.

  1. Try a Brazilian wax. Many women shy away from Brazilian waxing in Staten Island for a number of reasons. Whether it is fear of exposing their private area to a complete stranger or the fear of the pain of hair removal, getting a Brazilian wax is not as bad as it sounds. Try making an appointment for Brazilian waxing in Staten Island with a friend to make it more fun. Having support with you during a new experience will give you both something to look forward to. Brazilian waxes last much longer than at-home shaving with a regular razor. So once the procedure is complete, you can go weeks without having to do it again.
  2. Get a pedicure. Living in Staten Island means covering up your feet during long winters. Once the weather gets warmer, Brazilian Waxing Staten Islandyou want to put your feet in the popular strappy sandal styles that are so popular in fashion magazines. However you may be feeling a bit apprehensive because of the layers of dead skin that built up over the winter. Make an appointment today at your favorite nail salon or spa so that you can reveal your feet without embarrassment this summer.
  3. Hit the gym. This winter, in particular, proved to be rather brutal. The long snow days caused many people to hibernate a bit longer than they normally would. When you stay inside, Waxing Staten Islandyou tend to be less interested in things like exercise and become more interested in eating to keep warm. Heavy foods like meats, potatoes, and cream filled soups are much more satisfying in the winter than a green salad. Try hitting a local Zumba or Pilates class to get your body in beach ready in record time.

Brazilian Waxing Staten Island

Summer in Staten Island is just around the corner. Try a new treatment like Brazilian waxing in Staten Island or try a tradition pedicure. Pull out your calendar and start calling local spas to make a series of appointments before you get too busy. Be sure to use these tips so that you will not be caught off guard. You’ve been warned.

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