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How do I Reduce Pain Associated with Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is one of your best options for removing hair from your pubic region, but everyone should know several important things before booking their first appointment. The more you know about waxing, the more you can reduce the pain associated with the procedure. Seeing movies like The 40-Year Old Virgin can make a person think that waxing is unbearable, but that is not the case. Below, we want to go over two important tips for reducing pain and discomfort associated with waxing Staten Island.

Brazilian Waxing Staten Island

Do not get a Brazilian wax if you have never been waxed before. It is smart to ease yourself into waxing down there because the hair removal process is not exactly pleasant. It can be a jarring and painful experience if you do not know what to expect. To ease into Brazilian waxing, you should first consider a bikini line wax. To make the process less painful, you can take over the counter anti-inflammatory medication, like Advil. The best waxing on Staten Island can further help reduce pain and make the entire experience more enjoyable.

To get the most from waxing with the least amount of pain, you need to get waxed at the right time. Your hair needs to be at least ¼ inch long, or else the wax only adheres to your skin. Instead of pulling hair out, only your skin is pulled, which hurts and leaves you sore and red. If you let your hair get too long (½ inch or longer), it also increases hair removal pain levels. Do not go for waxing after shaving, and if your hair is too long, you should trim it.

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