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How Important is Exfoliating for Waxing on Staten Island?

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If you are not exfoliating with your waxing regimen, you are doing something wrong. To achieve the best, smoothest, and longest-lasting results from waxing, you must take extra time and commit some dedication to exfoliating. Waxing removes hairs from the follicle that then leaves the follicle remaining open. When left untreated, those follicles often get clogged with dead skin and bacteria that make it difficult for new, soft hair to grow. The side effects of not exfoliating after waxing are ingrown hairs and tiny pimples that itch and are red. The best waxing Staten Island provides works better when individuals properly take care of their skin.

After waxing, exfoliating the skin keeps skin clean and clear in ways that any loofah and body wash cannot. It is essential to try and get off dead skin that remains in waxed areas. You do not need to exfoliate with course material or cream, but some exfoliating often clears the skin and prevents razor burn and ingrown hairs.

You should not only exfoliate after waxing but also before. Exfoliating your skin the day or night before a waxing appointment ensures that all hairs are free and standing upright. Even with the most strict exfoliating regimen after waxing, ingrown hairs are still the inevitable side effect of removing hair. Exfoliating before your appointment helps free these hairs and get you the best possible waxing services.

There are many options for exfoliating products, and you should try and find one that works best for your budget and your body. The important takeaway from all this is waxing on its own is a great way to remove hair, but the more you do to protect and take care of your skin, the better the results of hair removal on Staten Island.

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