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You Need to Stop Shaving

Men and women both need hair removal tools to help them feel and look great. It is all too often that people take the quick and easy route because they don’t have time, they don’t know any better, and they are just feeling lazy. The fastest and easiest way to remove hair is not the best way to remove hair. It is not even the most effective way to remove hair from the body. If you are still shaving your body, you need to stop and ask yourself why?

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Of all the ways to remove hair from the body, shaving ranks amongst the lowest. The only method worse is hair removal creams. The creams typically do not work well, they smell, and they are corrosive to the skin. Shaving the body should be avoided for several important reasons, which include:

Human skin is sensitive, so why would you want to aggravate your body? Skin irritation is the most commonly experienced drawback of shaving. Moments after shaving, our skin usually feels smooth, but a little sensitive to touch. In another day or so, the shaved area tends to experience bright red bumps (razor burn) or ingrown hairs. Not only does this not look pleasing, but it also does not feel great. It can take several days for a person’s body to calm down. If you notice bumps after shaving, you want to make sure to keep the area clean and not play with the bumps. It is possible to get an infection and further traumatize the skin.

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Shaving is quick, it is easy, and it can be done from the comfort of your own home. Shaving has its definite drawbacks, and those should make you not want to shave anymore. Reach out to us for the best hair removal Staten Island has to offer.

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