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Debunking Common Hair Removal Misconceptions

Many people struggle with unwanted hair. However, the thought of waxing Staten Island or other hair removal procedures leaves many frightened. The unknown of what to expect during removal turns many away. Thankfully we are here to help with all of your questions and concerns. Let’s go over some of the more common misconceptions concerning hair removal Staten Island

Hair Removal Staten Island

It won’t last. Many individuals shy away from hair removal procedures because they will not last long term. Thankfully, this is not the case. Many individuals can throw away their razors for years after laser hair removal. Results do vary from person to person, and factors such as hormones and medication play a part in regrowth. But even those who do have hair grow back often report it’s lighter and thinner. 

It’s painful. Pain is probably the main factor as to why people are reluctant to go in for waxing or laser hair removal. Technology has come a long way and has helped alleviate the pain associated with hair removal. There are skin serums and topical treatments applied to the skin to help with the pain. 

I’m not a candidate. It’s a common misconception that many people aren’t a candidate for hair removal. However, this is not true. People of all hair color and skin tone are eligible for hair removal procedures. However, the hair color will determine the type of hair removal that will work best. We direct patients with light hair color to electrolysis as their ideal treatment.

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