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Comparing Waxing & Shaving: The Pros and Cons

Many individuals rely on shaving almost every day when removing unwanted hair. While waxing is an excellent option to remove hair, many are too afraid of the pain. There is no denying that waxing is more painful than shaving. However, there are many advantages that waxing has over shaving.

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Aside from the pain, many people also see waxing as a more expensive option. We are happy to report this is not true. Buying and constantly replacing razors adds up. The cost of replacing a dull razor frequently far outweighs the cost of visiting our facility for waxing. Not to mention creams and other products you’ll need to ensure you get a clean shave.

We mentioned that most people find themselves shaving every day. This is because when you shave, the hair grows back quickly. Many people only go a day before seeing stubble grow back. When you get into a routine with shaving, you can go up to six weeks without seeing your hair grow back.

Aside from growing back slower, the hair will be finer. When you shave, the hair bulb is removed. Every time a new bulb grows back, it will be weaker. Sometimes the hair is discouraged from growing back at all. This process results in slower-growing hair and finer hair. You do not see these results with shaving.

If you’re ready to ditch your old razors, call us for the best waxing Staten Island has to offer. We want to help you get rid of any unwanted hair.

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