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Can I Get a Brazilian Wax After a C-Section?

Waxing Staten IslandAfter having a baby and a c-section, it will take some time before you start to feel like yourself again. It'll be hard to look past bottle feeds and diaper changes for a while. However, eventually, you'll start to feel like your old self again and want to get back to pampering yourself. If you were regularly getting Brazilian waxes before your c-section, you might be wondering what the protocols are after.

Thankfully, women can safely get Brazilian, or bikini waxes after a c-section. You will just have to wait and give your body time to heal. It's advised not to wax down there until the incision completely heals. Waxing pulls at the skin, which can negatively affect the healing process. Most experts advise waiting at least six weeks. You want to ensure your stitches are out, you have no scabs, and you are no longer swollen.

The specific timeline for when you can return to a waxing routine will vary from person to person. Everyone heals differently. We advise speaking with your doctor before making an appointment with your aesthetician. Your doctor will be able to check your scar and ensure you're healed enough for a Brazilian wax.

Let your aesthetician know if you are nervous at your first appointment after a c-section. They will help ease any concerns and walk you through the process.

After a c-section, it's advised to let your body heal, but once you've recovered, you can safely get a Brazilian wax. Contact us for the best waxing Staten Island offers.

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