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What is the Best Way to Minimize Pain During Body Waxing

One of the main reasons people turn away from body waxing is the fear of pain. We will admit that body waxing does hurt, but it doesn't have to hurt so badly. There are steps one can take to minimize the pain during a waxing session.

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Soak in a Warm Bath - Soaking in a warm bath for about 20 minutes before your appointment greatly alleviates pain. A warm bath opens your pores and softens your hair.

Avoid Shaving - Stop shaving three weeks before your appointment. Shaving leads to denser hair growth and may cause pain and itching. Additionally, it's important to ensure your hair is the correct length before your session. If the hair is too short, the esthetician will be unable to wax the area. Make sure hair is at least ¼ inch in length.

Utilize Over-the-Counter Products - Your local pharmacy will have various products to purchase to help with the pain of waxing. We suggest taking a pain reliever an hour before your appointment to help with the pain. Also, consider a remedy to numb the area. While some clients try using ice to numb the area, we do not suggest this route. A numbing cream is a much better option. Apply the cream thirty minutes before your session.

Relax - Often, nerves can be your worst enemy. Try to relax and breathe when it's time for your appointment.

While it's impossible to avoid pain completely while waxing, there are steps one can take to minimize the pain. There is no need to be terrified to remove unwanted hair. If you're ready for waxing Staten Island, give us a call today.

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