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Three Things You Should Never Do Before Waxing

If you want a real “treat yourself” experience, you’ll consider going for professional waxing. Those that are unfamiliar with waxing typically assume the process is painful and full of stress, but that is not what a veteran waxer would say. We find that most of our guides leave relaxed and pleased with the results of their waxing. The benefits associated with waxing should make you want to consider professional help from a beautician. For the best waxing Staten Island offers, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.

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After waxing, you’ll have:

Hair Removal Staten Island

Healthy Skin: waxing removes more than hair; it acts as a physical exfoliant that removes dead, lifeless skin cells. Waxing is like getting skincare and hair removal in one procedure.

Smooth Skin: Shaving and hair removal creams get rid of hair, but it is different from waxing. Waxing removes hair at the root, which leaves skin smooth for prolonged periods. 

Thin and Fine Hair: As hair grows back after waxing, it grows back weaker, which makes the hair finer and sparser.

Minimal Irritation: Waxing and corrosive hair removal creams damage and hurt skin. They are known to leave burns, cuts, and ingrown hairs. Waxing, of all hair removal processes, rarely cause problems when done by a professional.

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If you want to get the most from your waxing experience, avoid doing these three things:

Do not tan before getting hair removed. Typically, we say no tanning 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol prior waxing because both tighten pores, which makes the overall experience less comfortable.

Numbing creams do not penetrate the skin, so you should avoid wasting your time and money on these products.

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