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Women like Their Men Smooth

In Staten Island New York, it is common knowledge that women prefer their men to be more groomed.  A kempt man is a desirable trait, and there are many saloons on the island that offer services specific to the male anatomy.  There are numerous benefits to male body hair removal, aside from keeping a significant other happy.

For large areas of hair removal, it has been proven that men prefer waxing to shaving. Shaving only provides a smooth surface for a maximum of 8 hours. After this period is over, the hair begins to grow back coarser and thicker. In addition, areas that are shaved are subject to razor burn and irritation, which can be very uncomfortable in sensitive areas. As a result, waxing has become the most prominent form of body hair removal because of its efficiency.

Excess body hair is unsightly and holds odor. It is common to find men undergoing male Brazilian waxing procedures in order to appear more hygienic and attractive to the other sex. Male Brazilian waxing has many benefits, and is a great way to keep sanitary in a region that is often riddled with bacterial growth. Brazilian waxing also gives the illusion that things are bigger, because nothing is covered by hair growth.  Shaving is a painful and dangerous way to remove hair from this sensitive region, whereas waxing is quick and efficient. It is also the only hair removal that lasts for extended periods of time.

In recent studies that polled strictly women, it has been shown that almost eighty percent of women prefer relatively hair-free men. The women in the study stated that it is more comfortable to be with a man that keeps his hair in good, clean, and minimal condition. Women also desired men that were smoother to the touch, instead of coarse and hairy. A hairless man also shows signs of a guy who takes pride in their appearance and doesn’t want to be viewed as lazy or a sloppy. Other sentiments from the study showed that women spend a lot of time grooming their bodies, in order to look socially acceptable, and for women it is an attractive personality trait for men to do the same.

If you have more questions about male Brazilian waxing in Staten Island, please contact a local salon for more information. A reputable salon that provides male Brazilian waxing in Staten Island can remove excess body head efficiently and with the least amount of pain.


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