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Winter Skin Care Tips

The hardest time of year for skin is the winter. There is a slew of factors that make it challenging to have a soft and smooth surface. Some people resign to wear pants all winter as a means to hide their legs, but that is not your only option. If you take care of your skin this winter, it can still stay beautiful and vibrant. Below we will go over some tips to help you take care of your skin this winter.

Invest in a good moisturizer and use it frequently. You do not have to spend your entire savings on a bottle of moisturizer, but you will want to avoid buying cheap products with chemicals and perfumes. Consider purchasing a water-based moisturizer as opposed to oil-based version.

Your hands are more vulnerable than other parts of your body. The skin on the hand is thin and without many oil glands. These two factors cause hands to dry and crack more quickly than other areas of the body. Moisturize your hands more frequently than other parts of the body and make sure to cover your hands with gloves when going outside.

Avoid shaving your legs during the winter. Shaving legs and pubic regions during this time makes the skin more susceptible to razor burn and ingrown hairs. Consider Brazilian waxing on Staten Island as a hair removal method. You could also consider permanent hair removal Staten Island.

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