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Why you might consider waxing

Traditionally, a man was considered to be powerful and important because of the hair they had on their face and body. When you look back through history, going back many centuries, you can always find individuals who had large and interesting facial hair. This could have been a big, burly beard, or a thick, handlebar mustache. The same applied for hairy chests, backs, legs, and arms. It was a sign of virility, and most men desired to have a good deal of hair.

Just as men wanted to keep their hair, women took steps to minimalize or remove hair completely. These ideas became deeply engrained in world cultures and especially in the United States. Within the last 50-60 years things have began to change and men are starting to become comfortable with removing hair. It even seems as if females prefer a hairless or less hairy man. At home shaving kits and other methods of men's hair removal have consistently been on the rise.

Now that it is culturally acceptable for men to remove hair, more and more methods and products are being released in order to help the demand. There are different ways for men to remover hair, either some or all of it. Some of these methods are more painful but do a better job, where as some methods are painless but can lead to problems down the road.

Here are the two best options for a man who would like to remove body hair.

If there is a certain patch of hair that you hate and wish it would go away forever, consider getting laser hair removal. This would be best for small areas like eyebrows. It can be done on bigger sections of skin, like someone’s back, but that is more expensive and time consuming. It is important to note that not all people are strong candidates for this process. If you have thick and dark hair, the laser will work best. You must be certain you don't want hair to grow back in that area because with these lasers, once the hair is gone it is gone for good.

The other option, and one that a good deal of men are turning to, is male Brazilian waxing. Although this process is usually associated with women, there is top quality male Brazilian waxing in Staten Island and throughout the rest of NYC. The process might be a bit painful, but it is worth the pain. Your skin is soft, and remains soft for a good deal of time.  The best Male Brazilian waxing Staten Island has too offer is safe, clean, and affordable.



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