Individual Expressions, LLC. (Formally, Smooth Skin, INC.)  Established in 2001  by  Joanna Lula.
Individual Expressions, LLC.

Why Choose Me

There are multiple reasons people choose Individual Expressions for the best hair removal in Staten Island has.  What first turned me to Individual Expressions was the vastness of their services. I had spent most of my life shaving; however I had thought about trying something new. I didn’t know what to pick, and the information on the Internet just made me more confused. I wanted to speak to professionals, but ones who weren’t biased. I go to nail salons, and I know they offer waxing, but what do they know about other types of hair removal? Individual Expressions offers world-class electrolysis as well as Brazilian waxing. The professional at their shop were able to help guide me.

I later found out that Individual Expression offers other holistic procedures, which really makes this place unique. They offer Reiki and Craniofacial Balancing, as well as, candle waxing.  They have a talented team who was able to help make me feel comfortable. I ended up going with laser hair removal; however I visit them once a month for craniosacral work.

If you are looking for services that are top-notch then look no further than Individual Expressions. You can feel comfortable going to them for both hair removal and holistic services.

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