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What to know about Permanent Hair Removal

Most individuals have some hair on their body that they find to be unsightly and they would like to remove. The industry for home hair removal products is enormous, both regarding the money being spent and the number of products available for purchase. Last year, reported that by the year 2022 consumers will pay roughly 1.35 billion dollars on products and treatments. A good deal of the money is spent on razors that promise smooth skin when in actuality shaving is not a great means to get smooth skin. Home cream products claim to remove unwanted hair without pain and with ease and quickness. It is rare to find a hair-removal cream the fully live us to its promises. Waxing is time-consuming and requires a lifelong relationship with your esthetician. How can you save money and time, while still looking and feeling good? How about electrolysis?

At Individual Expressions, we offer electrolysis, which is frequently called permanent hair removal. The FDA has approved electrolysis as the only permanent hair removal method on the market. We are known for permanent hair removal Staten Island.

Electrolysis may seem scary and painful, but it is not. The process uses lasers to send light through the pigment of the hair. The light that travels through the hair is heated, and so it can destroy or damage the hair follicle and bulb. You will feel pressure and warmth during the procedure, but it will only cause minor discomfort.

If electrolysis is not for you, then you can come to us for waxing Staten Island. We do full body waxing for both men and women. We look forward to seeing you!



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