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What to expect when going for Male Waxing

Body hair grooming for men was once considered a taboo action. Archaic ideologies mandated that a man’s body be rugged and hairy, while the female counterpart is hairless and kempt. As gender became more fluid, people began to express themselves in alternative fashions. Men, who wanted to look less hairy, yet still retain their masculinity, decided to groom down unruly body hair. Currently, it is considered “in fashion” to keep ones body hair organized and minimal, no matter the gender. The Brazilian wax has gained popularity amongst the male gender and salons are opening to satisfy the needs of the male populace. For instance, there are many men using male Brazilian waxing in Staten Island, NY.

For a guy looking to get his first male Brazilian wax, there are some things to expect and prepare for.   First, it is always best to disregard common misnomers about the procedure. Many think that Brazilian waxing is an incredibly painful experience, but this is untrue. Many habitual waxers, who partake in male Brazilian waxing, claim that waxing is more of discomfort than actual jolt of raw pain.  If you wax frequently, the hair grows in thinner and requires less wax. The body becomes more accustomed to the sensation of hair removal, and is less likely to experience discomfort over time. The first Male Brazilian waxing can be a daunting idea, but shouldn’t scare you away from the actual procedure.

It is vital prep the body before you wax, especially before the first time. As stated before, male Brazilian waxing is not as painful as the legends makes it seem, but that doesn’t mean that it is completely painless. Most of the discomfort comes from improper care after the procedure. If it is your first time waxing, make sure to cut the hair to approximately one inch before the procedure. After the technician has removed the hair, make sure to keep the area very clean and apply a soothing, sent-free moisturizer to the area.

Before your first wax experience, it is best to be familiarized with the procedure.  When you go into the salon, you will be brought to an area where you can privately remove your clothing. Once you are ready, the technician will come in, and clean the region with a cloth. After the area is prepped, the technician will apply the warm wax to the body with a wooden dowel; the wooden dowel should never be doubled dipped in the wax. The wax will then be covered with a strip of hair removal paper, and subsequently pulled off of the area in one fell swoop.

There are many good salons in Staten Island NY. If you are interested in body hair removal, contact a specialist in male Brazilian waxing in Staten Island.

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