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What to Expect: Steps of Waxing

Brazilian waxing is an extremely popular method of hair removal in the United States. Unlike any other form of waxing, Brazilian hair removal waxes the front, back, and everything in between in the lower regions. This process has gained popularity and there are many men who are interested in male Brazilian waxing options. Many first time wax customers are under the impression that waxing is an extremely painful process yet this is a common misnomer. If accurately prepared, waxing can be a pleasant experience that leaves you feeling smooth and beautiful.

What to expect when you arrive:
When you reach the waxing salon, you will be directed into a private room and be told to remove your clothes from the waist down and lie on a covered table. Many establishments provide a paper thong to cover yourself why you wait. The best course of action is to limit modesty and embarrassment. Waxing technicians are accustomed to seeing private areas of the body, and the more that you relax, the easier the wax will be.

How to prep the waxing region:
It is suggested that for first time waxing, hair should be ¼ of an inch long. If the hair is coarse, it should be at a ½ inch in length. If the hair is too short, the wax will not grab on well.  An electric razor is a great tool for cutting exact lengths of hair.

Brazilian wax process:  
When the technician enters the room, they should give an overview of the procedure and the hygienic measurement in place to keep you safe. The wax attendant should always be wearing gloves and should never dip the wooden waxing stick in the wax twice. This process is called double dipping and is an ensured method of spreading germs and bacteria.  For each dip, there should be a fresh stick.  Before the technician applies the wax, they will ask you if you want any areas untouched and to help hold the skin taut.  Here is step by step over view of the process:

  • Talcum powder will be applied to the skin in order to keep the wax from sticking
  • The waxer will then dip the wooden dowel into the hot wax and apply it to the desired area in the direction of hair growth.
  • They will then apply a waxing cloth over the warm wax, press firmly, and wait for the wax to cool.
  • When the wax had hardened slightly, the technician will pull the strip off fast, which helps to limit discomfort.

The technician will repeat this process until all of the hair is removed, and will tweeze hair from the areas that were missed.

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