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Waxing vs. Shaving

Are you on the fence between waxing and shaving? There are many pros and cons for both that can sometimes lead individuals to have a hard time choosing. The choice you end up making must be the best option for your body and how you want to look. Although there are some cons associated with waxing, those who go for waxing tend to prefer it to shaving.

The best quality about shaving is that it is practically immediate. Yes, shaving might take time, but at least you can do it whenever you would like. Going for waxing can take time, especially if you have to wait for an appointment.

Shaving is also a personal experience that one can do in the privacy of their home. There are some who do not like waxing because they do not like exposing themselves to others. The first and second wax might be slightly uncomfortable, but as you grow a relationship with your waxer, you may be less nervous and anxious.

Waxing does a better job of removing hair, so freshly waxed body parts will look clearer (because the roots have been eliminated) and will also be smoother (no stubble). Also, waxing tends to last longer than shaving, which means that you do not need to groom as frequently.

Waxing turns out to be a healthier option than shaving. Shaving cuts and damages the skin, which can have adverse effects over prolonged periods of time.

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