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Waxing or Electrolysis?

People in Staten Island, NY have the tendency to manage excessive body hair. There are many different methods to remove unwanted hair from the body, but the two most popular are electrolysis and waxing. Both methods have benefits and cons, and it is important to understand what the right option for you is before you undergo a procedure.

Waxing is the quickest hair removal option, but lasts for the shortest period of time. To remain hairless, you must wax at least every two weeks. This option is best for those with limited time and skin that isn’t sensitive. For example, male Brazilian waxing in Staten Island is very popular for those who only want to temporarily remove hair from their bikini area.

In comparison, electrolysis is a permanent solution that uses direct electric current to permanently destroy the hair follicle. There are many shops that offer electrolysis on Staten Island, but it is important to find a place that you are comfortable with because the process takes multiple visits to fully remove hair from an area. Although the upfront cost of electrolysis is more expensive, you end up saving money in the long term because it is a permanent solution to excess body hair growth.


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