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To Shave or to Wax?

Male body hair removal is a critical aspect of daily hygiene. In today’s society, excessive body hair is viewed as unflattering, unattractive, and unkempt.  To get rid of body hair, most men rely on the traditional razor, which is notorious for causing nicks and irritation of the skin. Thanks to advances in the hair removal industry, shaving isn’t the only way to groom body hair. Waxing has started to gain more popularity as a common method of hair removal for many reasons:

Benefits of waxing:

  • You only have to wax once every few weeks because the wax pulls the hair out from the roots, instead of trimming it at the surface.
  • It is physically impossible to nick, scratch, or cut yourself with waxing tools. This means there is no chance of scarring.
  • The occurrence of razor burn is entirely stifled. 
  • After consistent waxing, hair grows back smoother, slower, and thinner.
  • Waxing reduces the appearance of stubble. Stubble can be caused by razor irritation.
  • Treatment of certain, sensitive areas can be marginally painful, but waxing procedures do become more tolerable over time.
  • Waxing is perfect for Brazilian Areas. Waxing of the bikini or Brazilian area has gained popularity amongst men. Traditionally, using a razor in such a sensitive area would cause unwanted, and painful cuts.  With waxing, men can become completely hairless in areas that are extremely difficult to shave.
  •  Male Brazilian waxing is a great way for men to achieve a desired look. 
  • Waxing leaves you with smoother, shinier skin. That looks more attractive than razor shaved skin.

If you do decide to try waxing for the first time, make sure to find a salon that has a professional staff, with reputable service reviews. You always want to make sure that the operation is using the highest quality wax possible; better wax directly translates to a less painful experience and smoother skin. There are many salons that offer male Brazilian waxing. Make sure to do thorough research before paying for their services. A bad waxing experience can be easily avoided; you just have become aware of what to look for in a good waxing service. Online reviews are a great 21st century resources that allows peers in the field of waxing to review salons. This online accumulation of reviews helps to pin point which establishments are worth visiting and which aren’t.

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