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Numbing Creams for Waxing

In Staten Island, NY, some people have a very low tolerance for pain.  When you are preparing for a Brazilian wax, the idea of discomfort may be extremely unnerving. Thankfully, numbing creams and salves are the perfect way to reduce pain during a waxing procedure. Over the counter anesthetics contains holistic ingredients that promise to mitigate pain while waxing.

Lidocane is the most prevalent topical anesthetic that is commonly used by dermatologists, dentists, and waxing technicians. The drug stops pain signals before they can even start, which is extremely helpful in minor surgeries and female and male Brazilian waxing procedures.

Benzocaine is a similar product to lidocane, but works by stopping nerve endings from receiving stimulation.  You can find benzocaine in simple household products such as cough drops and rash cream.

Dr. Numb is referred to as the leading numbing cream and has the highest concentration of lidcone. For those interested in a male Brazilian waxing procedure in Staten Island, you can purchase a small tube of the product for less than 55 dollars.

Relax and Wax is another product that is advertised for use prior to a male Brazilian wax. Most salons that offer male Brazilian waxing in Staten Island use Relax and Wax on patients concerned with pain.


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