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Men have options for Waxing

In the past, body hair grooming was a gender specific procedure. Girls were always subject to harsh criticism if they didn’t remove hair from their legs, underarms, and private regions. Conversely, men were viewed as effeminate if they chose to trim or remove hair from their chest or back. As waxing body hair gained popularity over the years, the paradigm shifted and it became commonly accepted for males to keep their body hair kempt. Previously, waxing was a procedure that only women used to look kempt, now there are hundreds of shops that offer specific options for men. In NYC, Brooklyn and Staten Island, there are a myriad of salons that provide specific waxing procedures for men.

Chest waxing is the most common procedure that males use in waxing salons. As males age and mature, they begin to grow thicker and darker hair on their chest. Before waxing gained popularity, most males shaved the hair off of their chest with a standard razor. This method is effective, but often leads to harsh irritation, nicks, and missed areas. With waxing, a technician is able to efficiently remove large areas of hair off of a male’s chest, with a nominal amount of irritation.

Back hair waxing is a procedure that is specific to men and helps to remove unwanted hair from a large area of the body. Unlike the chest, it is next to impossible to remove back hair without the assistance of another person. When shaved, back hair grows in curly and darker, but with waxing, hair becomes less thick over time.

Male Brazilian waxing is a procedure that has gained popularity over time. At first, Brazilian waxing was a procedure only done on women. Now, it is extremely common to find male Brazilian waxing salons all over New York City. Salons that focus on male waxing are able to efficiently remove hair, while limiting pain and irritation. Men and women have different bodies, so the procedures for Brazilian waxing vary, depending on the gender. Brazilian waxing is a procedure that is done on a very sensitive area, so it is best to hire a technician who is well versed on gender specific waxing procedures. Some of the best salons for waxing are located in Staten Island, New York. If you are looking for male Brazilian waxing in Staten Island, or another area in NYC, it is best to contact a reputable salon in the region.

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