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First Time Going for Brazilian Waxing

Before going for Brazilian waxing on Staten Island for the first time, you will want to get yourself familiar with the process. Understanding what to do beforehand, during, and after can help make a waxing experience more pleasant, while also getting better results. Below, we will be highlighting a few dos and don'ts of waxing.

  1. There is a difference between Brazilian waxing and bikini line waxing. A Brazilian wax removes all hair from the pubic and butt region of the body, whereas bikini waxing only removes hair from the groin area. Make sure you are going in for the procedure you want.
  2. The most important thing to do before getting waxed is to let your hair grow. Many individuals turn to shaving as a quick method of unsightly hair. Hair must be a long enough length for the wax to adhere to it, so you should not shave for several days before waxing sessions. On average, hair will be long enough after not shaving for five days prior to hair removal.
  3. Many women get Brazilian waxing as a way to surprise their significant other. Physical activity that rubs against the area, or makes it sweaty, can irritate the parts of the body that were recently waxed. Wait at least twenty-four hours after waxing to resume regular activity. Waiting will help reduce irritation and ingrown hairs.

If you are anxious about getting Brazilian waxing on Staten Island, let us help you calm your nerves. Our skilled and welcoming team will make your first visit comfortable and productive. For more information about Brazilian waxing Staten Island, give us a call today!


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