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Electrolysis vs. Brazilian Waxing

Are you happening to look for a bikini waxing in Staten Island? There is a culture reason behind why you may be. American standards of beauty often dictate that body hair is unattractive. As a result of this socially constructed norm, women invest millions of dollars each year on products and services that rid the body of unsightly hair. The two most popular methods of body hair removal are waxing and electrolysis, other wise known as laser hair removal.  So what are the differences between the two? It mainly boils down to comfort level, economic standings, and how well your body reacts to each individual procedure.

Depending on the area that you live in, parts of the body that undergo body hair removal greatly differ. For example, in Staten Island, NY, an area that is highly concerned with tanning and body hair removal, full Brazilian waxing is an extremely desired service.  Many cosmetic shops offer Brazilian waxing in Staten Island as well as eyebrow, upper lip, leg, and arm hair waxing.   But waxing can be a painfully experience to some with sensitive skin.

Due to advancements in recent technology, Electrolysis has become a popular way to permanently reduce body hair, but is still an extremely costly procedure, varying from 50-to-100 dollars an hour. An electrical current cauterizes each hair follicle in the treated area with a thin metal probe, permanently eliminating the hair. The procedure is best for small to medium areas because removal must be completed in cycles, causing the procedure to require multiple visits. The only pain associated with electrolysis is a warm stinging sensation

Conversely, Brazilian waxes allows for a quick, one-time procedure. For the bikini area, warm wax is delicately applied and to the area and pulled off with strips.  It costs 25-50 dollars and will last for three to six weeks. 

The main economic difference between electrolysis and Bikini waxing is short vs. long-term economics. Initially, electrolysis will cost you a lot more than a standard bikini wax, making the later seem more appealing to those strapped for funds. Yet, the bikini wax must be repeated every 3-6 weeks, causing you to pay more money over a longer period of time.  In both cases, money will be spent on the beautification of the body so it really boils down to the preference of the customer; both systems of hair removal can cause pain and both will cost money over time. So if you are looking for hair removal, live in Staten Island, and cannot afford a expensive procedure initially, a shop that offers bikini waxing  in Staten Island my be your best choice. If you have the money for electrolysis and wish to save more long term, that option may be the better choice.


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