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Electrolysis & Hair removal Testimonials

Mary Davis


Where would you go if you needed the best hair removal Staten Island has to offer? I was asking myself that same question a month ago, but now I know about Individual Expressions. I came to them when doing a search for eyebrow waxing. I was sick of going to places where I was uncomfortable, and I needed something more. Individual Expressions is clean, inexpensive, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend the work that they do.

Kimberly Fellows
Getting Brazilian waxing done is never a fun thing. For me, it has also been a problem for me, because I do not like taking off my pants for strangers. I tried a few places, and they did a good job, but I was never comfortable. Individual Expressions gave me a sense of comfort that I’ve never had before with Waxing. First, the facility is really pretty, and they do everything possible to make it as comforting as possible. The second thing is that the people who work there are professional, respectful, and friendly. I know where to go for the best Brazilian waxing Staten Island has

Teri Goodwin


Having variety when getting hair removal is a plus. Wouldn’t it be an inconvenience to have to go to multiple places to get hair removal? Going for laser hair treatment at one place, waxing at another, and Brazilian waxing at another will cost you time, money, and worry. There are places where you can take care of all your needs. I found Individual Expressions, and I’ve never been so comfortable with getting my unwanted hair removed.

Karen Smith
I got a Brazilian wax once, and as a result I stopped considering it again. From the moment I stepped into the waxing place I was uncomfortable. I was greeted in an unfriendly way and the front of the shopped looked dirty. I continued into the back, and I was still uncomfortable. I recently just found Individual Expressions, and as a result I have regained my faith in Brazilian Waxing.

Helen Kraft
I found Individual Expressions a few weeks back, and now a place to go for waxing and Brazilian waxing.  I like the way a Brazilin wax feels and looks, but it is one of the more uncomfortable things I do in my life. I don’t like taking off my pants and getting on a table, but at Individual Expression they do an amazing job of making the process as comfortable as possible. I have a monthly time, with my waxer, and everything about the place is just comfy (it feels like home). If you want a comfy place to get waxed then please call Individual Expressions today.

Florence Fords
I had a uni-brow and I hated it. I would get it waxed, and I would spend plenty of time in front of the mirror, but I hated that too. Certain times of the month, when I’d be lazy, my uni-brow would grow back. I would walk around self-conscious, and I notice all the perfect eyebrows. I would think why couldn’t that be me. I just had laser hair removal at Individual Expression, and they helped to restore my confidence. If you feel like I used to feel, and you want to feel like I do now, then come and see what Individual Expressions can do for you.

Carrie Goodman
I’ve wanted laser hair removal for a while, but for some reason I though it was an expensive procedure. I guess it goes back to the time I had a free consultation, and I didn’t like the quote. Individual Expressions provides laser hair removal in Staten Island at a price that I was able to afford. As a result I was able to get a procedure done that I have been thinking about for years. Let Individual Expressions help you like they helped me.

Jordi Gilman
I am not embarrassed to admit that I am a man who gets his eyebrows waxed. I was sick of going to places that didn’t specialize in waxing, because every 1 out of 4 times they would do a bad job, and it was worse than what I would have been without the waxing.  I wish I could attach a picture, but at the same time I’m glad I can’t. I found Individual Expressions a few months back, and so far every time I went they did an amazing job. I hear they do other waxing too.


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