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Benefits of Reiki Therapy

At Individual Expressions, we offer a line of holistic treatments. We do more than just hair removal Staten Island. One of our most commonly used holistic services is called Reiki. The therapy is supposed to work on multiple levels for individuals, including emotional, spiritual, mental, and even physical. We proudly offer Reiki to enhance everything in one’s life.

Reiki was developed in ancient Japan as a method for healing and balancing the body and mind. Individuals use this service for many different reasons, including minor and major ailments. Other benefits felt when going for Reiki include:

  1. Lower overall stress levels: after a Reiki session, patients are more relaxed. They are much less likely to be anxious and stressed after treatments.
  2. Bringing individuals harmony and inner peace.
  3. Balancing emotions and thought: the calming effects of Reiki can lessen worries. This will make it easier to think more clearly. It will also help you control behavior and mood. Those who come for repeated treatments find themselves closer to center.
  4. A quickened healing process: Reiki can help individuals adjust to new medications or treatments. Some even claim it can help lessen side effects.

If you need more information about Reiki therapy or our other holistic services, please call us today. We offer more than just permanent hair removal on Staten Island.



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