Individual Expressions, LLC. (Formally, Smooth Skin, INC.)  Established in 2001  by  Joanna Lula.

For thousend of years stones have been used for healing, protection, adorment and decoration, know for their magical and spiritual qualieties.
     Beautiful crystals can help to bring health, love, success and harmony into your life.
I create jewelry using stones to combine their beauty with healing and metaphisical properties.


Jewelry Handmade CollectionJewelry Handmade Collection

  • green aventurine
    made of green aventurine chips and pendant
  • white waterfall
    made of fresh water pearls 5 mm and 3 mm
    adjustable sterling silver hook
  • amethyst clear
    made of amethyst and claer quartz nuggets 1" long and 3/4" width wraped with gold folled wire


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