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Electrolysis Staten Island

Electrolysis in Staten Island

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal. The treatment involves the insertion of a sterile, the same size as hair, into the hair follicle opening down to the dermal papilla.  

Are there any side effect caused by electrolysis? Electrolysis has been performed for over120 years and have proven to be an extremely safe procedure. Having read most of medical literature on electrolysis. I am not aware of any serious complication or side effect.

Is an ancient system of energy healing. It involves direct application of energy (Chi, prana, ki) to strengthen the clients energy system (aura). The therapist places their hand over specific areas of the body to channel energy into the areas of physical distress. The energy draws through the healer exactly the amount of it which the recipient needs.

There is no time and space to limit the reiki flow, so it can be done at distance, past and future. Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Increases relaxation, emotional and physical healing. Positively influence your life - health, relationship, meetings, whatever you are going through, Reiki makes it much easier.

Sessions in office and distance healing. It is recommended to have a few sessions.

Paraffin treatment:

-leaves your hands looking younger, moisturized and very soft
-treatments are therapeutic and help feed the matrix of the nail promoting healthy nail grow
-delivers fast, temporary relief from chronic arthritis, bursitis, join stiffness, sport injuries, muscle spasm and inflammation

Staten Island, New York

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Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal system available; this is what sets it apart from all other procedures. A number of other benefits may also make electrolysis the ideal choice for you. The treatment used to be particularly popular for men and women who wanted to permanently remove facial hair, which cannot be easily hidden under clothing like other undesired body hair.

Electrolysis is a fairly natural procedure. There's no risk of burning with electrolysis, as light isn't used in the process.

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Looking for a Professional Electrolysis in Staten Island? You come to the right place. Joanna Lula can help on all kind of waxing service, Brazilian waxing and Male Brazilian waxing Service in Staten Island. Individual Expressions, LLC. is specialized in paraffin wax treatment, eyebrows and eyelashes tinting, Reiki in Staten Island and Craniosacral in Staten Island.

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